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The Foundation fundraising campaign goal is to attract international organizations, institutions, NGOs, private companies and others which would provide the project for construction of treatment center with adequate funds to expand and to conduct operations and programs in perpetuity.

Supported by extensive networking efforts, the fundraising campaign of the Foundation is conducted as a multi-approach program. The key elements of the campaign are as follows:

The Foundation conduct a personal contact to reach all target organizations for contributions all over Europe. Firstly, the efforts are focused to ensure the construction costs coverage amount. All extra collected donations would be directed to the sustainment requirement and then to either the expansion of the project.
Strong efforts would be made to promote donations arising from opportunities such as ‘Foundation to Foundation’ contributions.

• The Foundation will encourage all affordable donations from all parties, entities and organizations willing to contribute to its objectives. It is anticipated that these initiatives will fund the dog treatment center day-to-day sustainment requirement until it comes to the stage of being able to function independently.

• The Foundation would reach a number of regional NGOs and governmental bodies across the country, which will directly market specific potential and funding recommendations. The Foundation will continue to hunt available European programs, contact previous practice experienced and conduct a number of specific fundraising activities.

If you like to learn more how to support Stray Dog Foundation Stara Zagora, please feel free to contact us.


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