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Stray Dog Foundation Crowdfunding Campaign

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Dear Reader,

Give me 1 minute of your time!

Please read about our Stray dog crowdfunding project in Bulgaria.

The stray dog issue is a big problem all over Bulgaria, which provokes discussions in other European countries as well. As an upcoming country in Europe with low living status, Bulgarians are not able to solve this problem without support.

Kindly we like to point your interest in our Foundation with the sole purpose to improve local environment, 
to decline the stray dog population and prevent all negative consequences.

Please look for our plan and share this with family, friends or relations, by Facebook or other communication channels because without your financial help we will be not able to realize this project.

Short description of our project:

  • Crowdfunding for building a stray dog center for neuter and spay
  • Strong neuter and spay programs
  • To stop the commercial misuse and enrichmenton the stray dog issue
  • To solve the stray dog problems - no stray dogs  in the future anymore
  • Neuter and spay of private dogs if people financial wise not can carry this
  • Education and training of veterinary students, schools, involved citizens

Visit our crowdfunding site and spread it to support us!!!

We need your financial support for this project. Please help us!

On behalf of the stray dogs, thank you in advance!

Anna Welikow

Member Communication

No Dog is Born to Stray Neuter and Spay!

Stray Dog Foundation Stara Zagora is supported by:

tru     stz1

Eurobank Bulgaria  
Bank account:
BG35 BPBI793510573159 01


Contact and corresponded address:
Stray Dog Foundation Stara Zagora   
51 Kn. Alex. Batenberg Str. Fl.1 app.2
Stara Zagora 6003 Bulgaria
Phone: +359 (0) 882 36 05 06


Visit our Facebook page

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